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Best Free Website Builder

Therefore, you are interested in free website builders. And why not? There is a ton of free stuff on the internet after all. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to find quality free website builders. There are many free website builders. But the truth is, if you want a free website builder, you have to be prepared to make some concessions – because most free websites are part of the “freemium” model. Today in this article we are going to cover the best free website builder.

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Wix is ​​one of the most popular free website builders with 110 million users. The fully hosted platform offers an easy drag-and-drop editor, and a large collection of professional-looking templates that are well suited for small businesses, online stores, restaurants, or personal portfolios. By far his biggest stand-up feature is flexibility with his editor. You can always drag your elements on your page without any limitations. That with their immersive selection (800+) themes and you got yourself a builder that really makes a website a breeze. Another great stand-out feature was their app store. With over 250 different apps to choose from, you can find the feature you are looking for. Be it a restaurant menu, photography portfolio, or advertising features for your new product, you can be sure you’ll find it there. Due to their highly customizable options, their navigation menus are really congested and unless you are a long-time user, it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. And they are not best suited for large (30+ pages) websites. And it would have been nice to see 24/7 live chat, but at least they have a comprehensive help center with video and the ticketing system is at least 24/7 and very fast.

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WordPress is very popular – so much that it is difficult to understand. It dates from around 2005 and since that time, it has evolved to support countless millions of sites. An estimate attributes WordPress with servicing 30% of internet bloggers and WordPress is the 50th most popular website in the world. Even more impressive, CNN, CBS, BBC, Reuters and Fortune all use WordPress. So yes, this is a very successful platform. And yes, a big reason for its popularity is its free choice. My placement of as number one does not come lightly or easily. Wix and Weebly both have far more features and customization than WordPress. As overall website builders, they take it. However, WordPress is so enormously popular that having a subdomain with WordPress may affect your blog far less than if you used another site.

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This open-source SaaS offers web hosting, domain registration, web design and even ecommerce functions, making it suitable for businesses and startups. Weebly is a particularly flexible website builder, compatible with every device and platform, and easy to use. Like Wix, Weebly has drag-and-drop functionality, as well as an integrated CMS solution and hand-coded HTML files. The in-house editor comes with SEO tools and Google Analytics. With PayPal integration, an automated tax calculator, digital gift card and more, Weebly is a smart choice for ecommerce businesses. And unlike some of its other free competitors, Weebly is ad-free.

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Squarespace is very similar to WordPress and Wix, allowing you to move away from pre-designed themes or build a site from scratch with its wire-framing features. Squarespace claims no plugins needed while providing 24/7 service to its users. Squarespace’s pre-designed themes usually emphasize fantasy or video, so this scene can be great for people in the media, entertainment, food, or fashion industries. Many templates, such as the one below, are both simplified and mobile optimized. While simplicity can be difficult for a software company or a business that provides many services, it can be very good for consumer facing companies that sell products related to a major industry:

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